Hub University

Starting off as simply an idea from a concerned mother looking to make life easier for hungry college students, HUB University is now a fully launched online couponing website that provides daily and anytime coupon deals, aimed specifically towards the on the go college student and the campuses surrounding communities.

Hub University Logo

HUB University differs from other couponing sites because everything is mobile interfaced. “What does every kid have attached to their hip 24-7? Their cell phone,” said Susan Light, Vice President.  With the purchase of a membership for $19.95 per year or $2.95 per month, members get all of HUB’s daily and anytime deals, along with deal reminders sent directly to their mobile devices.

Access Deals Right From Your Smart Phone

While many other couponing sites, such as, charge you each time you want more coupons, HUB University has a one-time membership fee that makes the purchase of membership arguably cheaper in the long run. “The average college student survives on macaroni and cheese and Ramen,” said Light. “Due to their low incomes, it becomes very difficult for many students to purchase these Groupon type coupons that charge you each time per use.”

One Time Use Per Coupon?

I've Been Hub'd Instead!

When Light envisioned the idea of HUB University, she believed that hiring students as sales representatives was crucial to HUB’s success. By hiring students, she is giving them an opportunity to make some money, along with putting HUB University in the most efficient position to reach and spread throughout the college campuses. “Who better to sell to the students than students that believe in the service that HUB provides,” said Light?

HUB University officially launched on Feb. 14, 2012 at Central Michigan University and shortly after launched at Michigan State University. Light said HUB University also plans to launch at the University of Michigan, Saginaw Valley State University and Western Michigan University.

Hub Officially Launched at CMU 2/14/2012

Followed CMU's Suit and Hub Officially Launched In East Lansing Shortly After

While Susan Light is happy with the progress that HUB University has made thus far, she isn’t anywhere near finished. “This is only the beginning for HUB University,” she said. “With our sights set on the universities in Michigan, once fully launched we then plan on taking HUB University to other universities across the United States and eventually expanding global.”

Light Eyes To Take Hub University Global

Hub University Facebook 

Hub University Website


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Advice for Aspiring Hip-Hop Artists

The dream of becoming the next rap superstar is now in reach due to several technological advances that allow aspiring artists to produce music from their own home, at a far less cost than probably expected.

Nate Paulson, A Grand Rapids rap artist and current junior at Grand Valley State University, said that he produces all of his music right from his laptop. “So many people think that making music is complicated, but what most people don’t know is that I make all of my music off of GarageBand,” said Paulson. “The software is given to you free with a Mac and is simple to use, it actually produces some pretty high end sound.”

Nate Paulson and his single "Cracks"

Despite making life easier in terms of production and costs, Paulson insists these advancements also make the music industry that much more competitive. “Competition is increasing just as the music industry is,” he said. “I just need to make sure I am always on the absolute top of my game, because it feels like everybody is rapping these days.”

Brandon “Jordan” Alexander, aspiring hip-hop artist and sophomore at Arizona State University, says in order to beat the competition, unknown rappers must use social networking in order to get themselves known. “Social networking is everything for someone who is up and coming and trying to get their face out there,” said Alexander. “Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, that’s all I’ve got man, it’s basically my record label and without them I’m nothing.”

Brandon "Jordan" Alexander and his new mixtape Keep It In The Family #KIITF

As advice to beginning artists, Paulson stressed the importance of preparation and knowledge. “First and foremost, you need to be educated on how to create a quality audio file,” he said. More importantly, Paulson stressed that in order to be successful in rap, you need to be true with yourself and the product that you release to the public. “When you have something to say, it better be real and true because people want what’s real and authentic,” he said. “Regardless of how good or bad your work is, as long as you’re being true, someone will give it the time of day.”

Paulson warming up J Cole in Grand Rapids

Alexander believes the best advice he ever received was to create his own unique style and niche. “Have your own story and have your own style,” said Alexander. “If you can deliver your message in a way nobody else has ever heard, it’s inevitable that you will stand out.”

Jordan laying down a track

Nate Paulson Facebook

Nate Paulson Youtube


Brandon “Jordan” Alexander Facebook

Brandon “Jordan” Alexander Youtube


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Beckerleg’s Big Ten award winners

As the 2010-2011 college basketball season comes to an end, I thought it would be a good idea to name who I believe the Big Ten’s most exceptional players are… So here it is! (Keep in mind i am mixing it up, not just picking Jared Sullinger for all even if he is the best).

Freshman of the Year (not counting Sullinger): Tim Hardaway Jr.- Tim Hardaway Jr. has been blowing up for the Wolverines as of late. The 6-5 combo guard out of Miami has played consistent all year and always has Wolverine fans at the edge of their seats. Hardaway is averaging 13.2 PPG and has scored in double digits in 20-28 games this season. Hardaway became big news to me after his recent 30 point effort in the Wolverines OT win vs. Iowa. Beilein got a good one here people. Oh, and his dad played in the NBA.

Defensive Player of the Year: Delvon Roe- In my opinion, Delvon Roe could cover any big man in the nation. besides constantly being praised by the national analysts, (Bilas, Vitale, Davis) Roe has backed up the talk by shutting down opposing big men all season. Roe’s best defensive effort of the year was in the Spartan’s home win vs. Wisconsin, where he held Jon Luer to 10 points (his average is 19.2 PPG). Roe also had a strong performance against Duke, where he successfully covered Kyle Singler to perfection. Roe also had a 5 block game earlier in the season vs. Northwestern. Remember, defense is more than just stats and Roe is as good as a defender i have seen at Michigan State since Antonio Smith.

Most Valuable Player to his team: Taylor Battle- This one to me is quite obvious and Battle may end his career as the best Penn State basketball Player of all time. Last season, Taylor Battle led the Nittany Lions in scoring, rebounding, assists and steals. This season, Battle has not disappointed and has averaged 20.7 PPG, 3.1 APG and 4.5 RPG. Battle has also had 3 games this season where he has scored over 30 points. Battle caught my eye his freshman year where he scored 17 points in a win over my Spartans and he has continued to be a Spartan killer in his career (29 points in a win over MSU his sophmore year/19 points and game winning shot in win over MSU this year). Taylor, you are the man.

Best Seniors: Kalin Lucas, Jajuan Johnson, E’Twaun Moore, David Lighty and Demeteri McCamey.

Kalin Lucas- Kalin Lucas has cemented himself as one of the best 4 year players in MSU history. Kalin came in as a freshmen and took away minutes from former first team All American Drew Neitzel, Won Big Ten player of the year his sophomore season and received first team All Big Ten accolades his Junior season before injuring his achilles tendon in the NCAA tourney.  Kalin has also been putting the Spartan’s on his back as of late (averaging 21.8 PPG in his past seven games). If Michigan State wants any chance at making a run, Lucas must be on his game.

JaJuan Johnson- Johnson is currently the leading scorer in the Big Ten with 20.7 PPG and also leads the conference in blocks with 2.3 per contest. Johnson also pulls down rebounds and is averaging 7.8 RPG. Long story short, JuJaun made the right decision coming back to college and should be a lock in the first round of this years draft.

E’Twaun Moore- Did anyone catch Purdue’s game vs. Ohio State today? Well if you didn’t, Moore dropped a career high 38 points in a convincing Boilermaker victory over Ohio State. Moore has been outstanding in his 4 years in West Lafayette and has been crucial for Purdue after the loss of Robbie Hummel. As long as Moore is on, I expect a late run out of Purdue.

David Lighty- Lighty is the lone remaining member of Thad Matta’s renown class known as the “Thad Five”, which consisted of Greg Oden, Mike Conley Jr., Daequan Cook and Othello Hunter. While all the other members of this group are off to careers in the NBA, Lighty has been the definition of a “program player” for Ohio State. Lighty will end his Ohio State career as a Buckeye Legend.

Demeteri McCamey- Demeteri McCamey has done it all for the Illini in his outstanding four year career. McCamey is unlike most point guards due to the fact he is so much stronger than his counterparts. Along with his strength, McCamey has a smooth touch from the outside and plays some mean defense. McCamey is averaging 14.5 PPG, 6.2 APG and 3.3 RPG.

Best Shooter: Jon Diebler- Jon Diebler is that white boy that I wish Michigan State could lock up. The kid straight up hits every open shot he takes and has a very quick release time which allows him to get his shots off in what seems to be a mili second. By the way, Diebler is the Big Ten’s all time 3 point leader sinking 331 in his career.


Coach of the year: John Beilein- As much as I hate to say it, Beilein finally has the pieces to fit his puzzle. While this Michigan team may not be as talented as last years (manny/deshawn), Beilein has found the right players for his system and they are connecting. The Wolverines currently have 17 wins and have a strong chance at making the tournament. Funny thing is, I picked them to finish LAST in the conference this year. Hell of a job this year John.

Runner up player of the year: Jordan Taylor- Jordan Taylor has been Mr. Clutch for the Badgers this season. Taylor proved he is worthy of player of the year a few weeks ago when he posted 30 points at home vs. Michigan State and then almost made that performance forgettable by scoring 27 points in an upset of #1 Ohio State (at the time). In any other year, Taylor WOULD BE the player of the year. However, this isn’t a normal year.

Player Of The Year: Jared Sullinger- Not only is Jared Sullinger the best player in the Big Ten, he is the best player in the nation. With the worlds most powerful butt, Sullinger has the ability to back down anyone in the NCAA as a freshmen. Sullinger is averaging 17.8 PPG, 10 RPG and is the main reason Ohio State has been so successful this season. Sullinger is also a class act of the court and has the tendency to re-tweet people back on Twitter! Jared Sullinger has the possibility to win Big Ten POY, the James Naismith award (National POY), lead the Buckeyes to a National Championship and become the first overall selection in the 2011 NBA Draft. Big Ten nation salutes you Jared.


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Spartans Win Big vs. Illini!

Prior to the 2010-2011 season, the Michigan State Spartans had made 14 straight appearances in the NCAA tourney. The Spartans were ranked the pre-season #2 and had as good of a shot as anybody to possibly win the national championship. However, things did not work out as planned. The Spartan’s match up vs. the Illini on College Gameday seemed to be a make or break type of situation and losing the game could have certainly knocked the Spartans out of postseason play. In the match up earlier in the year, the Illini easily took care of Michigan State and defeated the Spartans 71-62 behind Brandon Paul’s 20 point performance.

LEADING UP TO THE GAME- The main story before the game seemed to be the adversity that the Spartans had going against them. The Spartans had lost 2 high level guards (Lucious, Allen), Delvon Roe had apparently re-injured his knee, Draymond Green had the flu and hadn’t practiced all week and Durrell Summers was coming off the worst game of his entire collegiate career (0-1 and 0 points at OSU). It almost seemed destined for Michigan State to blow this crucial game.

Behind Kalin Lucas’s 25 points, the Spartans got the job done and pulled off a 61-57 victory. Kalin Lucas looked as fresh has he has been all season and put the team on his back. While Kalin didn’t get much other help offensively, Keith Appling scored 9 and  Durrell Summers and Delvon Roe each tallied 8 points for the Spartans. Roe described the pain in his knee after the game by saying “on a scale of 1-10, the pain was a 12”.

Why Delvon Roe is a Warrior- Prior to the game, Delvon was told he would play a similar role to the one he played in the Ohio State game (8 minutes played). However, with Draymond Green being sick, Izzo decided Roe would have to start. “uh, change of plans, Delvon, You’re going to play a little more than we thought. You’re starting.” Roe had not practiced since scoring late vs. Penn State to give Draymond Green his triple-double. When Izzo asked Roe how his knee was feeling during halftime, Roe responded “I’m playing.” Delvon Roe is without a doubt the best defender on the Spartans team and has consistently been praised by Analysts such as Jay Bilas, Dick Vitale and Hubert Davis. The reason Delvon is such a warrior is because he plays through pain. Keep in mind Delvon is a consistent starter for the Spartan’s despite having 3 knee surgeries.

Draymond Green- Draymond Green played through last nights game despite having the stomach flu. “That’s why I didn’t want to try to do too much offensively,” Green said of the flu. “I made a few mistakes, trying to do what I normally could do.” While Green played sick, he made 2 key free throws with 2:31 left to put Michigan State up 53-51.

Durrell Summers- While Summers didn’t WOW anyone with his performance vs. Illinois, he played a solid game and added all 8 of his points in the First half. Summers came out gunning and nailed a smooth 3 pointer early in the game. Summers finished with 8 points and 4 rebounds. It is key that Summers gains his confidence back before postseason play (if the Spartans can get the job done).

Keith Appling- Appling’s play had a big role on why the Spartans played so well last night. Appling’s main job of the game was to cover 6-3 Demetri McCamey and Appling displayed great effort and defense against the All Big Ten guard. Appling also added 9 points and 5 rebounds, including some nice drives to the basket.

Final Stretch- Michigan State has 4 games remaining on its schedule and it looks as if the Spartans need to win 3-4 to safely secure a spot in the NCAA tourney. The Spartans have their next game February 22nd at Minnesota, followed by home games vs. Purdue/Iowa and finally end the season in Ann Arbor vs. the Wolverines.

Beckerlegs Predictions:

Februrary 22nd @ Minnesota- Win

Februrary 27th vs. Purdue- Loss

March 2nd vs. Iowa- Win

March 5th @ Michigan- Toss up, I’m going to call it a Win (don’t get mad Michigan fans, I give you a 50 % chance to win).

Big Ten Tournament March 10-13- I predict the Spartans to win its opening game in the BTT and follow that victory by a second round loss. Michigan State never seems to give away its game plan in this tournament and hasn’t won it since 2000 (yeah, we won the national championship that year).


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Gamecocks Strike Gold On Valentines Day

Who would have ever thought South Carolina would win the SEC East, dethroning power house programs such as Florida, Georgia and Tennessee? The Gamecocks had become almost an afterthought in the past decade and it appeared even the legendary Steve Spurrier couldn’t build up South Carolina to excellence. Well that all changed last year when the Gamecocks signed 5 star running back Marcus Lattimore.



In signing Lattimore, the Gamecocks drastically changed the recruiting landscape of South Carolina and more importantly SEC territory. South Carolina was always able to secure legit recruits, but it wasn’t until Lattimore’s inking when South Carolina hit the map BIG TIME. As a freshmen Lattimore burst onto the playing field rushing for 1197 yards and 17 touchdowns. What kind of impact could one big signing really have though?


The young man in this pictures name is Jadeveon Clowney, the number 1 overall prospect in the entire nation for the class of 2011. Clowney has been described as “arguably the most promising prospect coming out of high school that we have seen in the ESPNU 150 era”. Clowney stands at a staggering 6-6, weighs somewhere around 255 pounds and just so happens to run the 40 yard dash in 4.5 seconds. Did i mention he just turned 18 today?

How good is Clowney?- Clowney compiled 167 tackles and 32.5 sacks in 15 games this season, giving him 400 tackles and 60.5 sacks throughout his career at South Pointe High School (he played running back as a freshmen).

How many awards did young Jadeveon win?- Clowney was named USA Today Defensive Player of the Year, Parade Magazine All-American and Rivals.Com Defensive Player of the Year. Clowney was also selected to play in the Shrine Bowl, where he was named Defensive Player of the Game, and also participated in the Under Armour All-American Game.

Why is this so big for South Carolina?- South Carolina Secured the top player in the state for the second straight year (following Lattimore who owned the SEC’s rushing record on way to becoming national freshmen of the year) and also secured its third straight “Mr. Football” in South Carolina.

Clowney is currently being compared to Julius Peppers,Mario Williams and last years overall #1 prospect Ronald Powell. Another interesting fact with Clowney is the fact that he is extremely humbled. He is described as a very shy kid who hates letting anybody down. He actually decided to push back his announcement due to the fact today was his 18th birthday. Clowney eventually decided to be a Cock and was forced to spurn big time programs such as Alabama, Clemson, Florida State, LSU and others.

What should we expect out of Clowney?- Expect Clowney to eventually be the number 1 selection in the NFL draft…. and that is putting it softly. Enjoy him USC, you got yourselves a player.

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Shout-Outs Feb 13th


1. RAJON RONDO- Rondo displayed tough defense against Heat star Lebron James and compiled a total of 11 points, 10 assists and 10 rebounds (yes, a triple double).

2. Dwight Howard- Howard scored a game high 31 points on 13-16 shooting. Howard basically beat LA single handedly.

3. Nick Young/John Wall- The Young USC Trojan scored 31 points and Jimmy Wall posted 14 assists.

4. Lamarcus Aldridge- The hot Aldridge posted 36 points against a rebuilding (joke) Piston team.

5. Memphis Grizzlies- Overcame a 3rd quarter, 17 point deficit to knock off a good Denver team. Memphis has now won 3 straight.

6. Warrior’s Backcourt- Monta Ellis and Stephan Curry each scored 23 points and have led Golden State to 6 of their last 7.


1. Lebron James- James missed the first of two free throws which eventually ended the late desperation run by Miami.

2. Glen Davis- For missing a wide open breakaway dunk (come on dude you’re 6-9).

3. LA big men- Were simply overpowered by Howard.

4. Cavaliers- The first game after breaking their NBA worst 26 straight loss streak, the Cav’s go back to their losing ways by handing Washington their first road win of the season!

5. Clippers- Lost to a poor Toronto team. a game after ending the Cavalier loss streak.

6. DeMarcus Cousins- Decided not to take the road trip to Phoenix after an altercation with Donte Green the night before in the King’s Locker Room.

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Shannon flies

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