My Capital One/Gator Bowl Thoughts

Michigan State: Let me start by saying it was one hell of a year boys. I would have never thought in my first year at MSU that we would actually win a Big Ten Championship. However, To say that I was excited by the way we played during this afternoon’s Capital One Bowl would be an understatement. Im not necessarily mad that we lost the game, but I feel there were a lot of areas where we came out flat. To John Stipek, D.J. Young, Chris Mcdonald, J’Michael Deane and Joel Foreman, you guys should be absolutley ashamed of yourselves. I don’t think I saw one pancake block the entire game, you made Courtney Upshaw look like Lawrence Taylor and you made our legit run game look absolutely abysmal. NOT TO MENTION YOU GOT TWO OF OUR QUARTERBACKS KNOCKED OUT OF THE GAME. I can understand Alabama Knocking out Cousins, who has been injured all year. The fact that their second string defense knocked out Andrew Maxwell makes you guys look like girl scouts. I feel horrible for Cousins, he had literally no time to even throw the ball. Along with the O-Line, the D-Line was just as poor. Jerel Worthy a first round pick next year? he didn’t look like it. In order to force turnovers you must be able to put pressure on the QB. The problem was the fact that our DL didn’t make one play, Leaving AVERAGE QB Greg McElroy with enough time to complete every single pass. McElroy’s jersey after the game appeared cleaner that it was before it. Look, i knew in order for Michigan State to win the game that we would need to play perfect, but losing 49-7 is just very disappointing. With that being said I honestly believe Alabama has the most talent in the entire NCAA. DT Marcell Dareus, WR Julio Jones and RB Mark Ingram are all as good as gone and will be first round selections. The Spartans highest ranked player is LB Greg Jones who should be drafted in the middle of the second round.

Conclusion: Haters are going to hate, but I can guarentee that nobody expected the Spartans to win 11 games. State won 11 games, every single home game and took home their first Big Ten title since 1990. Disappointed we got blown out by Alabama? yes.. Thankful for everything the Spartans did for us fans this year? you bet.

Michigan (Note I watched Michigan State so will not judge players): To be completely honest you should be happy you lost this bowl game. If it was up to me, Richard would be your head coach for the next 30 years. However, with this loss you guys get exactly what you want. You get your golden boy out of California and your symbol of hope that you can once again become a “powerhouse”.  What makes me mad is the fact that many “Michigan Men” will give me crap for the rest of the year because we got blown out. They will say we are fake, had an easy schedule and were overrated. They will also completely forget the fact they got blown out by a middle of the pack SEC team, who in my opinion, has an absolutely horrible quarterback. So congratulations University of Michigan, Richard is going to be fired by monday and its looking more like Jimothy Harbaugh shall be your next coach! yahoo!

It was a sad day in the state of Michigan, but hey, at least we still have March 😉

Hey Marcus Hyde, I trucked your ass again!!!!!! Love, Mark

Where is Troy Woolfork when you need him?!?!?



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i am currently a student at michigan state university. i am planning to major in journalism and plan to take classes to prepare me to possibly attend law school. my number one love in this world is sports and i am going to give my opinion on one topic a day. who knows, maybe i'll blow up!
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2 Responses to My Capital One/Gator Bowl Thoughts

  1. adam chuchla says:

    So I see you quoted me at the end of the entry with no proper citation…

  2. Riley Wood says:

    you did not just hate on my school…..

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