Guess what Terelle Pryor, Mark Ingram and Dre Kirkpatrick have in common?

Cars! Cars! and more Cars!

Terelle Pryor: Well, we all know the kid is a cheater. Anyone who has the balls to sell a Big Ten championship ring quite frankly has some problems. But, what would you say if i told you Pryor had been loaned a car by a car salesman? Pryor has been pulled over three times in the past three years and each time the car he was driving was under the name of a car salesman. The first Incident happened in 2008 and Pryor was driving a 2004 GNC Denali. The other two incidents involved a 2009 Dodge and was under the name of car salesman Aaron Kniffin. Apparently OSU knew about this and assured people it was a loan vehicle when Pryor’s car was in the shop. Yeah, sounds like bullshit.

Mark Ingram: Last summer I had the opportunity to film the WLN four way scrimmage. I filmed the scrimmage on top of the WLN press box and interacted with the other camera men from the other schools. We got into talking about players who were playing in college and somebody brought up 2009 heisman winner Mark Ingram. The second the name was brought up, a man from flint said the reason Ingram chose the Crimson Tide over his family Alma Mater MSU was because he was “gettin paid”. I didnt think too much of it until i saw this picture online.

Ingrams whip, license plate labeled MI22 (Mark Ingram 22)

Dre Kirkpatrick: Coming out of high school, Kirkpatrick was rated as the nations #11 prospect and #1 cornerback. The kid was seen as a for sure stud and eventual starter by the end of his freshman year. How did Alabama lure this kid in? You all can be the judge of that!

Nice Ride Dre!!!!!

Dre Kirkpatricks Mom: GUILTY AS HER SON!

Thank God My Son Is A Star!!!!

This is what College football has become people.


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i am currently a student at michigan state university. i am planning to major in journalism and plan to take classes to prepare me to possibly attend law school. my number one love in this world is sports and i am going to give my opinion on one topic a day. who knows, maybe i'll blow up!
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One Response to Guess what Terelle Pryor, Mark Ingram and Dre Kirkpatrick have in common?

  1. anonymous says:

    umm hi…. im a huge mississippi state fan..
    do you think you could post some articles about them? thanks so much.

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