Korie Lucious..given the boot.

Spartan fans, this is one of the most controversial moves of Tom Izzo’s career. i know Tom is a legend, but Korie is one of the faces of Spartan basketball. IMO this situation is completley different from the dismissal of Chris Allen. Chris Allen had problems with the players and team chemistry. Lucious was loved by all and the players adored him. as a season ticket holder i had the privledge to watch a few of the games in the lower bowl and the players seriously were IN LOVE with him. I guess i am just real hurt with the whole situation. I do not know exactly what happened..but here is what i know.

Michigan State men’s basketball head coach Tom Izzo announced that junior guard Korie Lucious has been dismissed from the team for the remainder of the season.

Tom Izzo Statement

“Unfortunately, Korie Lucious displayed conduct detrimental to the program. My focus is on this team for the remainder of the season.”

Korie Lucious Statement

“I didn’t live up to the standards of the program. Unfortunately, I let my teammates, my coaches, and myself down, and wish them the best for the rest of the season.”

Korie Lucious, you will forever be known as a Spartan. What you did last March changed my life and the lives of Spartans worldwide. here is a tribute to my boy Korie. (more will be posted when i have gathered all of the information.

here is more information via Spartanmag.com: http://michiganstate.rivals.com/content.asp?CID=1181132

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One Response to Korie Lucious..given the boot.

  1. DeSean says:

    I think Izzo’s going to be regretting this decision come next basketball season when Lucas is gone.

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