Shout-Outs Feb 13th


1. RAJON RONDO- Rondo displayed tough defense against Heat star Lebron James and compiled a total of 11 points, 10 assists and 10 rebounds (yes, a triple double).

2. Dwight Howard- Howard scored a game high 31 points on 13-16 shooting. Howard basically beat LA single handedly.

3. Nick Young/John Wall- The Young USC Trojan scored 31 points and Jimmy Wall posted 14 assists.

4. Lamarcus Aldridge- The hot Aldridge posted 36 points against a rebuilding (joke) Piston team.

5. Memphis Grizzlies- Overcame a 3rd quarter, 17 point deficit to knock off a good Denver team. Memphis has now won 3 straight.

6. Warrior’s Backcourt- Monta Ellis and Stephan Curry each scored 23 points and have led Golden State to 6 of their last 7.


1. Lebron James- James missed the first of two free throws which eventually ended the late desperation run by Miami.

2. Glen Davis- For missing a wide open breakaway dunk (come on dude you’re 6-9).

3. LA big men- Were simply overpowered by Howard.

4. Cavaliers- The first game after breaking their NBA worst 26 straight loss streak, the Cav’s go back to their losing ways by handing Washington their first road win of the season!

5. Clippers- Lost to a poor Toronto team. a game after ending the Cavalier loss streak.

6. DeMarcus Cousins- Decided not to take the road trip to Phoenix after an altercation with Donte Green the night before in the King’s Locker Room.


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i am currently a student at michigan state university. i am planning to major in journalism and plan to take classes to prepare me to possibly attend law school. my number one love in this world is sports and i am going to give my opinion on one topic a day. who knows, maybe i'll blow up!
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