Hub University

Starting off as simply an idea from a concerned mother looking to make life easier for hungry college students, HUB University is now a fully launched online couponing website that provides daily and anytime coupon deals, aimed specifically towards the on the go college student and the campuses surrounding communities.

Hub University Logo

HUB University differs from other couponing sites because everything is mobile interfaced. “What does every kid have attached to their hip 24-7? Their cell phone,” said Susan Light, Vice President.  With the purchase of a membership for $19.95 per year or $2.95 per month, members get all of HUB’s daily and anytime deals, along with deal reminders sent directly to their mobile devices.

Access Deals Right From Your Smart Phone

While many other couponing sites, such as, charge you each time you want more coupons, HUB University has a one-time membership fee that makes the purchase of membership arguably cheaper in the long run. “The average college student survives on macaroni and cheese and Ramen,” said Light. “Due to their low incomes, it becomes very difficult for many students to purchase these Groupon type coupons that charge you each time per use.”

One Time Use Per Coupon?

I've Been Hub'd Instead!

When Light envisioned the idea of HUB University, she believed that hiring students as sales representatives was crucial to HUB’s success. By hiring students, she is giving them an opportunity to make some money, along with putting HUB University in the most efficient position to reach and spread throughout the college campuses. “Who better to sell to the students than students that believe in the service that HUB provides,” said Light?

HUB University officially launched on Feb. 14, 2012 at Central Michigan University and shortly after launched at Michigan State University. Light said HUB University also plans to launch at the University of Michigan, Saginaw Valley State University and Western Michigan University.

Hub Officially Launched at CMU 2/14/2012

Followed CMU's Suit and Hub Officially Launched In East Lansing Shortly After

While Susan Light is happy with the progress that HUB University has made thus far, she isn’t anywhere near finished. “This is only the beginning for HUB University,” she said. “With our sights set on the universities in Michigan, once fully launched we then plan on taking HUB University to other universities across the United States and eventually expanding global.”

Light Eyes To Take Hub University Global

Hub University Facebook 

Hub University Website



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