Shout Out Of The Day: Draymond Green

Today is the beginning of my “shout out of the day”. Each day i will choose an athlete of some sort and give them a “shout out” for their performance.

Draymond Green

Why Draymond? The reason for Draymond being my “shout out” of the day is pretty self explanatory. It goes by 15 points, 14 rebounds and 10 assists. Draymond put himself in rare company becoming only the third player in MSU history to turn in a triple double. Draymond also deserves a shout out for being the leader/heart and soul of our team. Without Draymond, this team’s season would be even more of a mess than it already is. Draymond was waiting for his 10th assist late in the game and connected on a deep pass to Delvon Roe who made the easy layup.

Delvon also deserves a shout out because this layup could possibly cost him his season, or even worse his career. It is looking more and more like Roe is having knee problems again, which would be problamatic for Michigan State. I will give more insight when i know the details of Delvon’s injury.

Anyway, congratulations Draymond, you now are put in the same sentence as Magic Johnson and Charlie Bell as the only players in MSU history to record a triple double.

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“We Got Punked”

“We got punked”, the exact words that came out of Michigan State center Derrick Nix after a 20 point loss to Iowa last Wednesday. It is no surprise that Nix has been troubled throughout his career at Michigan State and usually things like this knock his confidence level down a few notches. Nix described this loss as “humiliating” and stated he didn’t even want to go to class the next day. “We have embarrassed ourselves, the program, and the players that have played before us” Nix said after the teams practice on friday. What is to come next truly shows Nix wants to be here.

NIX WANTS SOME SENIORS: After MSU was destroyed by Iowa, Nix apparently unloaded on the Spartan’s senior backcourt. Nix blamed the 20 point loss to Iowa on Senior’s Kalin Lucas and Durrell Summers. Nix said the two of them “lacked leadership”. When asked about this in practice, Nix stated “When you are a senior you have to play better. They are supposed to tell me what to do. They’ve got to look in the mirror”.

Kalin’s response: “We’ve got to D it up a bit” and “Nix needs to grow up a little bit”.

Durrell’s response: “I think he (Nix) is just going on what coach said” and “Nix never really said anything to us”.

Lets all be honest here people, every Spartan fan has had a period throughout this season where they have disliked Sophmore center Derrick Nix. However, this situation is totally different. Nix is reaching out for help from his big brothers (Lucas/Summers) and they are basically blowing him off. Nix is 100 % right in his calling out of these seniors and if the team wants to go anywhere in March we need some leadership. I praise Nix for these actions he has made and hopefully our SENIOR backcourt will respond.

On a side note, check out what Korie Lucious tweeted yesterday!

In Ames Iowa bout 2 eat wit @kingarrett10 @xman333 and @CBforTHREEE

It is reported Lucious took an official visit to Iowa State this weekend. The player’s he was eating with were Diante Garret (a Milwaukee native like Lucious), Chris Babb (a transfer from Penn State who Lucious played against) and Chris Allen (obviously played at MSU and was dismissed from the team before the season). Expect Lucious to end up in Ames as it looks like Fred Hoidberg is bringing in some monster transfers.

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Biggest NBA All Star Snub.

As a quick reflection period, I will list the names of the 2011 NBA All-Stars.


STARTING 5- LeBron James, Amare Stoudmire, Derrick Rose, Dwayne Wade, Dwight Howard.

RESERVES- Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Rajon Rondo, Ray Allen, Al Horford, Joe Johnson and Chris Bosh.


STARTING 5- Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul and Yao Ming (i know this is a joke….but he received the votes…injured will not play)

RESERVES- Manu Ginobli, Dirk Nowitzki, Pau Gasol, Deron Williams, Russell Westbrook, Blake Griffin, Tim Duncan.

Who is missing from this list? Who in my opinion should maybe even be in the starting lineup? This man right here..

Why Kevin Love should be in the All Star Game:

SCORING: Kevin Love currently ranks 16th in the NBA in scoring with 21.4 PPG.

REBOUNDING: Kevin Love LEADS the NBA in rebounding with 15.5 RPG.

DOUBLE DOUBLES: Love currently LEADS the NBA in double doubles with 43 this season.

3 POINT PERCENTAGE- Love (yes, a power forward) is 10th in the NBA with 3 point % with .439.

FREE THROWS- Once again, A PF….who just so happens to hit 87% of his free throws.

Kevin Love’s official stats: 21.4 PPG, 15.5 RBG, .87 FT%, .472 FG%, .439 3 Point%, 2.5 AST per game (for a power forward).

Now I know he may not be the most popular, flashy or good looking player in the NBA. Yet, It is pretty apparent that Kevin Love deserves to have a spot in the 2011 NBA All Star Game.

Memorable Games:

11/9 vs. the L.A. Lakers- Love scored 23 points, brought in 24 rebounds and even had 5 assists.

11/12 vs. the New York Knicks- Love scored 31 points and brought in a staggering 31 rebounds! He also had 5 assists.

11/24 vs. San Antonio Spurs- Love scored 32 points and ended the game with 22 rebounds.

12/18 vs. Denver- Love netted 43 points and had 17 total rebounds.

These numbers are truly amazing and the fact that Love isn’t assured a spot on the All Star team is pretty ridiculous.

Did I mention he is a clown?

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SIGNING DAY SPECIAL current class…Beckerlegs signing day predictions tommorrow!

With signing day around the corner, i feel i should keep Spartan fans informed with our current commitments and possible future commitments. Unfortunatley, i have 2 exams on Wednesday and will miss one of the favorite days of the year…. but that doesn’t stop me from following it all! so here is how it is looking spartans.


1: Onaje Miller- Onaje was the first commitment to the 2011 recruiting class for the Spartans. Miller is a very scrappy runner, who IMO draws comparisons to Javon Ringer in many ways. Miller was an absolute force for Lansing Sexton this year and could project as either a RB or a DB. Miller’s 3* 5.6 ranking in my opinion is very weak and will suprise many.


2: Lawrence Thomas- LT is the highest ranked recruit the Spartan’s currently have committed and is quite an intruiging prospect. LT was a 5* before his all star game and was lowered to 4* due to his position dilemma. LT is currently listed as a MLB but is almost guarenteed to be playing with a hand down in college. LT is currently 6-4 and around 250 pounds.


3. Taiwan Jones- Taiwan Jones is already one of the more impressive looking prospects the Spartans have signed in a while. Over the summer, Jones was criticized for his lack of dominance on the field. Well, This year Jones did it all for New Anchor bay and strived both offensively and defensively. Jones projects as a Linebacker, but has the athleticism to play multiple positions. Jones actually dominated this season at the RB position, pretty impressive for somebody 6-3.


4. Connor Cook- Connor Cook became the lone Spartan QB commit when he commited to Michigan State on 4/11/10. Cook is a tall, good sized quarterback who looks to be able to deliver rocket passes while possessing the speed to throw off opposing defenses. Cook commited very early, but was one of the most impressive QB at the Elite 11 combine/camps. Rumor has it, Cook was invited to the final Elite 11 QB camp but decided to participate in the Michigan State camp instead….what a Spartan.


5. Andre Sims Jr.- It was a bit of a shocker when Sims originally commited to Michigan State. It isn’t everyday a kid from Georgia commits to MSU so early in the process. Sims is listed at a small 5-9, but possesses the speed to be able to strive in the slot position. Sims also has enough speed and athleticism to play DB. Sims Brookwood HS won the state championship and Andre managed to score on an 87 yard kickoff return.


6. Paul Lang- Paul Lang was recruited by MSU to fill a suddenly short TE unit. Lang earned an offer when he was named the top performing TE at the MSU camp over the summer. Lang is listed at 6-5 and has the athleticism to strive in Michigan States air attack. Lang attends Pennsylvania powerhouse Mt. Lebanon and is one of the best players on their basketball teams.


7. Joel Heath- Heath is quite an exciting prospect at the DE position, seeing as he stands 6-6 and over 250 pounds. It is known that he is extremely raw, but with some good coaching and hard work his ceiling is monstrous. I expect Heath to end up being an exceptional defensive end for the Spartans.


8. Mark Scarpinato- Scarpinato is one of two commitments from the state of Wisconsin. besides the fact they feed their kids babies in wisconsin, Scarpinato brings a mean motor that seems to never slow down. Scarpinato earned a scholarship after a strong performance at the MSU summer camp.


9. Trae Waynes- Waynes is one of the fastest recruits that Michigan State has ever signed. It was reported that at the MSU summer camp, Waynes posted a sub 4.3 40 yard dash. Waynes was recruited as a defensive back and will help with depth for the future. Unfortunately, Waynes saw his senior season come to an end when he broke his fibula and tore ligaments in his knee. Expect Waynes to recover quickly and compete this upcoming fall.


10. Ed Davis- Ed Davis adds to the already impressive list of Detroit PSL players to join the Spartan family. The Spartans fought hard in the Davis recruitment and beat out the likes of Michigan and Iowa. Davis is listed as a LB and is a strong addition to the strong LB class of 2011. Any time you can sign a prospect from Southeastern, you are strengthening up the pipeline to the PSL.


11. Arjen Colquhoun- You don’t see too many recruits coming out of Canada, but when Windsor is in your back yard i guess you have an advantage. Arjen had a VERY strong showing at the MSU camp and apparently also turned heads at Notre Dame’s camp. it appears as if Arjen is going to play safety and it should fit him perfect due to his strong hitting ability. Arjen enrolled early and is currently participating with the team.


12. Darien Harris- Darien Harris hails from the crab cake state (MD) and just so happens to play for powerhouse DeMatha. Harris is listed as a linebacker, but this season excelled at RB for DeMatha. Harris brings speed and toughness to the LB corps. Hopefully he can convince teammate Darian Cooper to also ink with the green and white.


13. Jack Allen- Whenever you have the opportunity to sign a solid center, it makes the quarterbacks job a helluva lot easier. Jack Allen decided to ink with the Spartans over offers from the likes of Iowa and Wisconsin…think those two schools know a thing or two about the offensive line? Oh, did i mention that Allen is an All State wrestler?

highlights (via rivals)-;_ylt=ApGYvItYkeMN3vUUkK1F53iNspB4

14. Donovan Clark- There is no way to describe clark other than BEAST. I had the chance to see him during his official visit and he was HUGE. Clark is listed at 6-2 300 pounds. Clark hailed offers from the likes of USC and Tennessee. Clark should end up being a solid starter for the Spartan offensive line.

no highlights available

14. Roger Williamson- Williamson is one of the most under rated prospects in the state of Ohio. Williamson is listed as a WR in the rivals database, but looks to play defensive back for Michigan State. Williamson had offers from schools such as West Virginia and Stanford. Expect Williamson to be one of those guys Ohio State regrets ignoring (ALA BJ Cunningham, Jerel Worthy and LeVeon Bell)


15. Damon Knox- finally the Spartans once again strike in Muskegon. After the whole Ronald Johnson thing, its safe to say we are scarred by Muskegon. However, Knox looks to be an absolute beast and took care of his problems in the classrom. Knox would have gotten a lot more publicity had he not dug himself a hole early in HS. Knox still pulled off an offer from Michigan and looks to be a beast.


16. Shilique Calhoun- Let me start by saying this kid kind of looks like Lebron James. either way, Calhoun was a very solid addition to the Spartan family due to his athleticism and ability to play numerous positions. Calhoun is projected to play DE and also could get a shot at TE. With the help of Ken Mannie, this kid could put on some serious weight. Calhoun also strives on the basketball court.

no highlights available

17. Juwan Caesar- The Spartans once again get a solid late addition from the sunshine state! Caesar is an absolute monster who reminds me of a poor man’s Plaxico Burress. Caesar is listed at 6-4 and makes defensive backs look tiny. Look for Caesar to be a solid possession receiver for years to come.

highlights (via rivals)-;_ylt=ApGYvItYkeMN3vUUkK1F53iNspB4

18. Matthew Ramondo- As the biggest surprise yet, Ramondo committed to MSU after his official visit. Ramondo had originally committed to ASU, but was unsure of the shaky situation their program was in. Ramondo won New Mexico OL of the year, beating out All American Matthew Haggerty (ND commit). Expect big things out of Ramondo people.


19. Brandon Clemons- Clemons is the most recent addition to the 2011 class. Clemons is a big bruiser out of Pennsylvania and is listed as a 4* recruit by rivals. Clemons has the ability to play on either sides of the ball and was a huge momentum signing for the Spartans. Clemons also has a Michael Oher type story, which i will blog about in the future i am sure.

highlights (via rivals)-;_ylt=AmYMeNW_g0l5sdSr23IXNIQh7qB4


Michigan State also signed 2 walk ons for this class.

1. A.J. Troup- Troup is a tall athletic receiver from Minnesota and has assured me personally he is going to make the most out of his oppurtunity. Troups height and athleticism gives him advantages over smaller defensive backs and i fully expect him to eventually have a great shot at earning a scholarship.


2. Kyle Lints- Lints perfomed very well at the MSU summer camp and many expected him to earn a scholarship. Lints eventually committed to Ball State, but had a change of heart and decided to be a prefer walk on at Michigan State. Lints (like last year’s Conner Kruse) has an exceptional shot at earning a scholarship in the future.


my signing day predictions shall be released tomorrow!

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Who To Blame For Wolverine Loss? God Himself…

This picture pretty much sums up what Michigan State basketball has become this year. It has happened to UCLA, It has happened to UNC, but i don’t think anybody saw the self-destruction of Michigan State basketball happening this year. With the talent the Michigan State has, there is no excuse for the way this season has unfolded. We have been outplayed by both good teams (Illinois,Purdue,Texas,Duke,Syracuse,Connecticut) and teams worse than we are (Wisconsin,Northwestern,Penn State,Oakland,MICHIGAN). The Spartans seem to be enjoying living life on the edge this season.

Why did we lose to Michigan? How did we get OUTREBOUNDED AT HOME by a team with ZERO seniors? Did i mention the Wolverines started 3 Freshmen in this game! Did i mention NOT ONE player on Michigan’s basketball team received any sort of offer from Michigan State and none of them were “considered” good enough to be Spartan’s? Did i mention this was a HOME GAME vs. our most hated rivals? The Answer to why Michigan pulled of the stunning upset is quite simple and can be described in two ways.

1: Michigan has heart: Lets be honest, watching who John Beilein recruits/puts on the floor is quite humorous. He recruits a bunch of soft white boys who are good for nothing except shooting 3 point shots. besides Darius Morris and Tim Hardaway Jr, I can honestly say i don’t believe any of these other players are that good. So why is Michigan better this year with a bunch of scrubs rather than last year when they had 2 players with NBA talent (Manny Harris, Deshawn Sims)? It is called heart and discipline. Last night Michigan made the absolute most out of what they have to work with. The Wolverines played STELLAR defense and completley took away the lane and the post. They executed their game plan perfectly by exposing our weakness (inside game) and forcing us to fire 3 pointers (suprise, every team has done that to us this year). I got news people, Michigan State currently is ranked 9th in the Big Ten in 3 point shooting. Oh, we also lost one of our best shooters this week! long story short, John Beilein drew together a brilliant game plan and the Wolverines executed to perfection.


Yup, im going against Spartan Nation and their god and blaming Thomas Izzo for this loss. Arguably the best (or second) coach in college basketball has made the mistake that so many coaches make. Tom Izzo has outsmarted himself. Tom Izzo is by far the best coach in college basketball when it comes to creating a game plan or scheme in one day (ALA NCAA Tourney). However, This year more than ever, I have witnessed a reocurring problem in Izzo’s game plan. He rotates too many players! Now before all of you Green Kool Aid drinking fans try and tell me that is why we perform well in March, give me a chance to explain myself. In year’s past, we have had the luxury to rotate 9-10 players a game and still perform well on the court. However, now more than ever, we do not have this luxury.

The Ohio State Comparison-Many people ask why Ohio State is performing better than Michigan State despite the Spartan’s having more talent and depth. Well, here is why. Thad Matta is an ACE recruiter who coaches the game a lot more different than Izzo. If you watch an Ohio State game, they play the same 6-7 players (Sullinger,Lighty,Buford,Diebler,Lauderdale,Craft,)the whole game despite the score or level of competition they face (even though their schedule is SOFT). Michigan State however, rotates a helluva lot more players. This is why Ohio State succeeds in the regular season and falls short in the NCAA Tourney. This is also why Michigan State looks like underdogs each year entering the season, yet always finds ways to squeeze themselves in the main event. However, Michigan State no longer has the luxury to rotate 8-10 players a game due to suspensions, dismissials, etc.

Why IZZO blew the game: it is quite plain and simple if you ask me. There is no reason that players such as Mike Kebler and Austin Thornton should be playing a combined 25 minutes. Who wants to hear an interesting stat? Adreian Payne (5 star recruit), Garrick Sherman (4 star recruit) and Derrick Nix (4 star recruit) played a combined 14 minutes last night. Yet walk-ons like Kebler and Thornton played 25 minutes. That is unacceptable under all circumstances.

What Options Do State Have?

Michigan State now has 2 options with how it can play its game for the remainder of the season and it revolves around Draymond Green (suprise!)

1: Michigan State can continue to play Draymond Green at the 4. The problem with doing this is that it takes away minutes from big men such as Payne, Sherman and Nix..and gives more playing time to scrubs such as Kebler and Thornton. Well, This obviously doesn’t work… exposes us showing that we have Zero inside game…. and we will continue to lose to teams inferior to us.

2: Michigan State can go back to old ways and switch Draymond back to the 3. I know we tried this earlier in the season and it didn’t turn out as well as we would have liked. I know in doing this Michigan State becomes less athletic, but what other options do we really have. When it comes down to it guys such as Kebler and Thornton have one spot on this team, the bench. In Moving Draymond back to the three you give guards such as Kalin, Appling and Durrell more rest while playing your best and most talented players. I understand our reserve big men (Payne, Sherm, Nix) have not proved much, but Izzo needs to put the keys in the hands of the players he recruited and gave full ride scholarships to.

In reality Michigan State lost last night because they did not play their best players and Michigan wanted to win more. If Michigan State continues to play like this they will not make the tournament and all hell will break loose in East Lansing. I guess god decided to give us a football team this year instead of a basketball team. Quite a shame.


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Korie Lucious..given the boot.

Spartan fans, this is one of the most controversial moves of Tom Izzo’s career. i know Tom is a legend, but Korie is one of the faces of Spartan basketball. IMO this situation is completley different from the dismissal of Chris Allen. Chris Allen had problems with the players and team chemistry. Lucious was loved by all and the players adored him. as a season ticket holder i had the privledge to watch a few of the games in the lower bowl and the players seriously were IN LOVE with him. I guess i am just real hurt with the whole situation. I do not know exactly what happened..but here is what i know.

Michigan State men’s basketball head coach Tom Izzo announced that junior guard Korie Lucious has been dismissed from the team for the remainder of the season.

Tom Izzo Statement

“Unfortunately, Korie Lucious displayed conduct detrimental to the program. My focus is on this team for the remainder of the season.”

Korie Lucious Statement

“I didn’t live up to the standards of the program. Unfortunately, I let my teammates, my coaches, and myself down, and wish them the best for the rest of the season.”

Korie Lucious, you will forever be known as a Spartan. What you did last March changed my life and the lives of Spartans worldwide. here is a tribute to my boy Korie. (more will be posted when i have gathered all of the information.

here is more information via

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Thank You Spartans

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